Sagittarius Is Known As The Salesman, The Storyteller, And The Exaggerator Of The Astrological World.

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Sure, astrology ≠ science. But I get sheer human delight knowing that @rosannecash, Bob Dylan, and Joseph Brodsky share a birthday today.
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Some Guidelines On Locating Significant Issues In [astrology]

It equates to the lion’s mane. Does this sound familiar? Donald Trump has a Sagittarius moon. Sagittarius is known as the salesman, the storyteller, and the exaggerator of the astrological world. Someone with strong Sag energy might tell you there were 100 people at a party they attended, when in reality, there were 25. All signs have a light and dark expression. The light side of Sagittarius is funny and kind. The dark side can be indulgent and very judgmental. The tendency to brag or to place oneself as judge and jury can also be something we see with this sign. In its lower expression, Sagittarius cannot accept being wrong about anything; they are always right.

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